1. How do you know JAC vehicle?
A. Newspaper& Magazine B. Website C. Exhibition D. Radio E. Friends
2. Which JAC model do you like most?
A. C-class car B. B-class car C. A-class car D. A0-class car
3. What do you think about B-car/ B-cross?
A. Excellent B. Good C. Not good
4. Which price of B-class car do you think is the most suitable?
A. 8000$-9000$ B. 9000$-10000 $ C. 11000$-12000 $ D. 12000$-13000 $
5. Do you want to buy B-class car?
A. Yes B.NO
6.Do you want to leave your contact information? we will send our company gifts to you.
Please fill in the following table
*Name£º Mr. Miss
*Telephone number£º
*Post code£º
E-mail £º
Car purchase plan£º