JAC Motors Sponsors ¡®China on Wheels¡¯

¡®China on Wheels¡ªthe changes of Chinese people transportation¡¯ expedition was officially set out in Beijing on 25th September, which was organized by China Automotive Review.



The motorcade is formed by four members: the chief editor of China Automotive Review, the commentator of Sohu Auto, a car tester and a photographer. They will drive 3 Chinese independent brand cars through 17 province of China, using half of one month and covering 10,000 miles.



As one leader of Chinese independent brand auto manufacture and the main cooperator of this activity, JAC Motors provide the newest model 2.0T four drivers SRV. In the departure ceremony, those senior auto media gave high appraisal to JAC products and expressed that S1 is a reliable model which has passed through Kekexili no man¡¯s land, plateau, cold zone and all kinds of complicated road conditions. No matter from exterior, cross-country ability and comfortable, JAC S1 is an excellent model among Chinese independent brand SUVs.

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