China on Wheels

In little more than a quarter of a century, China has transformed from a country of bicycles to a county of automobile, surpassing the U.S as the world¡¯s largest vehicle producing country.
How does such a rapid transformation, though not yet complete, affect the lives of millions of Chinese citizens in the urban and rural area? How do people of all walks of life dream or perceive the automobile as a family car? What kind of problems do consumers and society face with the growing number of individual ownership of automobiles in China? How would such ownership affect the direction of the industry in next five to 10 years? How do decision makers, urban planners and automakers deal with the pressing issues of energy resources, environmental polluting, traffic safety and growing urban gridlocks? What are the best solutions for the world¡¯s most populous country to resolve its individual mobility needs in the long run?
With these questions in mind, CBU/CAR editors and reporters are embarking on a driving expedition in three Chinese-made cars though 17. The purpose of ¡®China on Wheels¡¯ expedition in 45 days is to study and understand the transformation of individual mobility of such a transformation. Our findings will be published through daily articles, blogs, micro-blogs on in English and on in Chinese. We welcome our readers to follow us on this expedition and interact with us in our research, interviews and discoveries.

We appreciate the kind support of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, Jianghuai Automobile Corp. and Hawtai Motor in providing us with their independently branded cars, the Eolus H30 Cross, the Rein SUV and the B11, for the driving expedition. We¡¯ll be happy to find out and write about how these Chinese-made cars will stand the test of driving through all kinds of roads and terrains traveling for thousands of kilometers.
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