Chinese language app for iPhone

¡°Life is a foreign language: all men mispronounce it¡±
- Christopher Morley 1890-1957
Visiting China is an amazing adventure. Unlike visiting Britain, France, and other western European countries, China¡¯s history, culture and language is vastly different than my own Anglo Saxon history.

As I set to return to China for the fifth time, technology, in the form of an iPhone app will be at my side. I¡¯m able to muddle through very basic French in order to find the Louvre in Paris, (albeit, not leaving a good impression!), but in China, its all about tone. One can easily offend or insult by mispronouncing a word which has multiple meanings depending on the tone delivered.

As featured in Travel+Leisure Magazine, July 2009: The Best iPhone Apps for Travelers

¡°Most iPhone language apps have an Achilles¡¯ heel: they require an expensive data connection to work abroad. Lingolook, though, lives on your phone. Its clean, cartoonish flash cards of important words and phrases¡ªmore than 300, from ¡°I¡¯m allergic to nuts¡± to ¡°speak slowly¡±¡ªare said aloud if you tap your screen, delivering you from faux pas and pronunciation debacles.¡±


Speak Chinese Mandarin like a local with a tap of your Multi-Touch display using Lingolook Flashcards, an invaluable new travel phrasebook application for iPhone. Master perfect pronunciation of essential travel keywords and phrases from over 300 ¡°talking translations¡± or flash your iPhone with the large type translations showcased on 75 cleverly designed flashcards.


- No Internet connection required

- 500 essential words and phrases

- 300+ audio translations

- 75 illustrated flashcards

- Extra large type and phonetics

- Fast search by travel category or index

- Instant replay of audio translations

- Convenient ¡°Favorites¡± menu

- Menu readers, travel facts and more!



iTouch: Ensure Sound Effects are on. In Settings, choose General > Sound Effects and select whether you want the audio to play over the internal speaker, through the headphones, or both.

iPhone: Ensure Ringer (located on upper left of device) is on; the audio will not play in silent mode.

Lingolook Publishing LLC Web Site Lingolook CHINA Support What¡¯s New in Version 5.0

The latest version contains a packing checklist so that you never forget something important and always have with you the few things more crucial to a successful trip to China.

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