Let the journey begin!
Buckle-up! LoseYourself is getting underway! After many months of planning and meeting, which is not exactly easy since we are Canadian, American and Chinese! We have developed a pretty tight route that will see us driving around the entire country of China. Look for the the map, (hover over it to se a larger version) there you¡¯ll see the route. It is approximately 11,750 kilometres long and will depart from Beijing heading west.

We will take three months to travel this route, driving Chinese vehicles built in China and by Chinese auto makers. This will be the first time that Chinese cars have been put to this kind of road test. Through scorching desert heat & sand, over snow-covered mountain passes and the humid heat of southern China, these cars will be closely followed by readers and viewers in newspapers and on the internet ¨C not to mention considerable local media interest!

In addition to writing about the vehicles, we will report daily on life in rural China and in busy urban centres. We will be visiting schools and hospitals and bring you stories of unique teaching and healing methods. We will take part in local festivals, markets and cultural events in order to report on important rituals and ceremonies.

Each time you return to this blog site, you will see the trip progress. You will be able to watch video and you can view each day¡¯s photos in the gallery section of the site. We have an odometer at the top of the page which will keep track of how far we have driven, as well, you can read each day what happened along the way.

The journey begins in September, so bookmark this page and follow along as we road-test China!
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