Through 10,000 kilometres long journey, and different weather and road condition test, it will examine JAC cars¡¯ technology, quality, oil-consumption, reliability, durability, manoeuvrability and service.
The course of China from on wheels of bicycles to cars and its effect on great changes of manufacturing industry, transportation, national economy; business, market, city, country and people¡¯s life.
The Route of Driving
Starting Point: Beijing --- the news release conference and car departure ceremony of ¡°Lose yourself in China on wheels¡±
Route: Beijing- Shanxi ¨CInner Mongolia - Ningxia- Gansu ¨C Qinghai- Shanxi -Sichuan- Chongqing - Hubei-Jiangxi ¨CZhejiang - Zhejiang- Shanghai- Jiangsu- - Anhui ¨CShandong- Hebei......
JAC Motors Sponsors ¡®China on Wheels¡¯
¡®China on Wheels¡ªthe changes of Chinese people transportation¡¯ expedition was officially set out in Beijing on 25th September, which was organized by China Automotive Review.
China on Wheels
In little more than a quarter of a century, China has transformed from a country of bicycles to a county of automobile, surpassing the U.S as the world¡¯s largest vehicle producing country.
Chinese language app for iPhone
Life is a foreign language: all men mispronounce it.- Christopher Morley 1890-1957 Visiting China is an amazing adventure. Unlike visiting Britain, France, and other western European countries, China¡¯s history,
1. How do you know JAC vehicle?
A. Newspaper& Magazine B. Website C. Exhibition D. Radio E. Friends
2. Which JAC model do you like most?
A. C-class car B. B-class car C. A-class car D. A0-class car
3. What do you think about B-car/ B-cross?
A. Excellent B. Good C. Not good
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